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Snowball Weekly Newsletter — 06/05/2022

Time for another weekly catch-up on all the things Snowball community has been up to. Read all about them below:

Proposal 24 Passed!

Proposal 24 passed this week, allocating 5,000,000 AXIAL tokens towards funding and finalizing the development of Axial’s new features in the next two weeks. This new version is something our team is super excited to get out to everyone and we’re making sure everything is up to par in our contracts, audits, website, and user experience. Keep an eye out for further updates coming soon!

A Copper Curator Endeavor

Copper is a platform built on top of Balancer to allow for an awesome way of bootstrapping liquidity for new projects. They’re coming to Avalanche next week, and have brought on Snowball as curators to help filter through new projects to launch on their platform.

We had an awesome chat with some of their team and others in a Twitter space, one of which also came by as a surprise guest on our monthly community call.

As always, Snowball is happy to help guide others into our community and the ecosystem we all inhabit, and we hope that Copper thrives with us in the future!

Fresh Axial Newsletter

Did you read up on Axial’s latest newsletter? We have especially great news this month due to a large focus on the protocol by our team these past few weeks, in order to launch Axial’s better-than-ever new version. Check it out below:

Snowball Stats

  • 64.35% of all SNOB tokens are being staked for xSNOB.
  • 1200+ members of the community are staking their SNOB.
  • On average, SNOB is being staked for 1.29 years!
  • 41.04% of all xSNOB holders have participated in governance.

Unsure why you should stake your SNOB? Check out our documentation here.

About Snowball

Snowball Venture Studio is a community run DAO whose mission is to spur innovation in the DeFi ecosystem by providing resources and support to new projects and teams. Snowball Venture Studio has already launched or is supporting Snowball Earn, Snowball DeFi University, Axial, Teddy, Lava, and FiHub.

If your DeFi startup is looking for assistance with engineering, design, branding, marketing, or strategy, we would love to speak with you. Join the conversation in Discord or Telegram and stay up to date on our Twitter.

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