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Snowball Weekly Newsletter — 13/01/2022

This newsletter will catch you up to some of the events that took place in the Snowball community during the second week of 2022.

New Auto-Compounding Strategies

A lot of new strategies involving Trader Joe pools have been deployed this week, which include the following:

  • AVAX - PLN
  • AVAX - PTP
  • AVAX - IME
  • AVAX - H2O
  • AVAX - CLY
  • AVAX - JGN
  • AVAX - ISA
  • USDC.e - USDC
  • FRAX- gOHM

All of the above are available on-site for deposit and will auto-compound your rewards.

A Proposal For Teddy & Snowball

Our 20th proposal is now live on Snowball’s governance page, which involves a proposal to merge Teddy, the TSD issuer, into the Snowball ecosystem. Read more about the proposal and vote for or against it here.

New DeFi University Content

The newest course on Snowball’s DeFi University covers the ‘Metaverse’; what it is, and how DeFi will be a large part of it in the near future. If you’re interested in the subject, give it a read here!

Upcoming TUSD AMA

We will have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the 19th of January with the team behind TUSD - if you have any questions you’d like to ask them, let us know in our tweet regarding the AMA, in our Telegram channel or Discord server!

Snowball Stats

  • Over $190,000+ of value harvested in our compounding strategies this week.
  • Over 56.43% of all SNOB tokens are being staked for xSNOB.
  • Over 1250+ members of the community are staking their SNOB.
  • On average, SNOB is being staked for over 1.43 years!
  • This week 20,881 SNOB was distributed to xSNOB holders, alongside 997,074 AXIAL tokens. This makes up an APR of 46.15% per xSNOB.
  • Over 35.43% of all xSNOB holders have participated in governance.

Unsure why you should stake your SNOB? Check out our documentation here.

About Snowball

Snowball is a Venture DAO and an auto-compounder for liquidity rewards. It was the first auto-compounder launched on Avalanche and it prides itself on being entirely community run. If you’d like to be a part of Snowball, join the conversation in Discord or Telegram. Stay up to date on our Twitter.

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The Avalanche-native, community-driven venture DAO and auto-compounder. Snowball your returns with us and join us in bringing innovative products to the Avalanche ecosystem.

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