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Snowball Weekly Newsletter — 13/05/2022

In a week that felt like a month, we have so much to share! Keep up with our updates below:

A Message From Our Team

It’s been a rough time in these crypto markets lately, especially upon the chaos of the recent Terra’s ecosystem news - so I felt it important to share the words of our core strategist Jomari, posted yesterday in our Discord server:

Today is a hard day for many people. Happy to jump on be a voice on the other end of the line for people if needed. We are a community and together we are working to build something resilient against adversity. However, it can be difficult to see and remember the vision in hard times. Thus, I want to remind you that we are here and continuing to build.

Together we can make it through and create something that outlives us. That is what this space is about to me.

We are creating the foundational infrastructure for empowering billions in the world. This job isn’t easy. It isn’t always recognized. But I take joy in working with like minds in making it happen.

So never lose hope and faith. Remember, we are codifying our values, expectations and desires into a network that is meant to be carried into the future.

Let’s take this time as a reminder of why we are building.

Let’s take this time as fuel for the fire.

Let’s take this time to improve that which we are building.

Let’s continue to do what we do best; SNOWBALL.

I sincerely hope everyone is alright and as mentioned, please do reach out to our team with anything and everything. With that said, let’s move on to the drastically more positive news revolving around the Snowball ecosystem itself:

Axial Development Updates

With contracts getting audited and deployed on Testnet, a reveal of what the final product might look like is rapidly approaching:

Keep an eye out for any alpha coming during the upcoming weeks!

Still Holding Onto Your Unclaimed Beanie NFT?

Just a quick reminder that if you have a Snowball Hat NFT, you should claim your physical merch (an awesome beanie) on our claiming app here.

Over 60% of the NFTs are still unclaimed, meaning there’s plenty of beanies to go around. Grab yours!

First Curator Proposal

Since becoming a curator at Copper for up-and-coming protocols, we are available for curation of what protocols we should help bootstrap and launch on their platform. This week we had our first application, HOMDAO.

To learn more about the project, check out our discussion channel called #curation-homdao-copperlaunch under our Governance section on our Discord server.

Should we support its launch on Avalanche through Copper? Contribute to the discussion on the above-mentioned channel and help us come to consensus.

Snowball Stats

  • 64.52% of all SNOB tokens are being staked for xSNOB.
  • 1200+ members of the community are staking their SNOB.
  • On average, SNOB is being staked for 1.27 years!
  • 40.90% of all xSNOB holders have participated in governance.

Unsure why you should stake your SNOB? Check out our documentation here.

About Snowball

Snowball Venture Studio is a community run DAO whose mission is to spur innovation in the DeFi ecosystem by providing resources and support to new projects and teams. Snowball Venture Studio has already launched or is supporting Snowball Earn, Snowball DeFi University, Axial, Teddy, Lava and FiHub.

If your DeFi startup is looking for assistance with engineering, design, branding, marketing, or strategy, we would love to speak with you. Join the conversation in Discord or Telegram and stay up to date on our Twitter.

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