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Snowball x Spore | New Auto-Compounding Strategies

Spore Finance has shown remarkable adoption over the past months. The project has brought over hundreds of new users to the ecosystem through their Binance-Avalanche bridge and has showed a clear devotion to the Avalanche ecosystem. Part of our thanks to Spore is integrating their token with Snowball.

Starting immediately, two new SPORE auto-compounding strategies are available for pre-deposit on Snowball. These strategies will go live tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm UTC and will compound Pangolin rewards given to Spore’s incentivized pairs.

New Pairs

PNG — SPORE (5x PNG rewards)

AVAX — SPORE (1x PNG rewards)

Steps to Deposit

  1. Provide liquidity to the PNG — SPORE pair or AVAX — SPORE pair on Pangolin Exchange.
  2. Deposit into Snowball’s compounding page to compound Pangolin rewards.
  3. SNOB rewards and depositing into our earn page will be live later in the week (SPORE pairs will need to be voted on with xSNOB to become incentivized).

A more detailed guide can be found here.

Contract Addresses

PNG — SPORE SnowGlobe: 0xa39785a4E4CdDa7509751ed152a00f3D37FbFa9F

PNG — SPORE Strategy:


AVAX — SPORE SnowGlobe: 0x27f8FE86a513bAAF18B59D3dD15218Cc629640Fc

AVAX — SPORE Strategy: 0xeC96cbe0D178cB18eCf0D7bf6c2B599DAd28dA47

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The Avalanche-native, community-driven venture DAO and auto-compounder. Snowball your returns with us and join us in bringing innovative products to the Avalanche ecosystem.

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Snowball is an auto-compounder for liquidity rewards and an automated market maker (AMM) for stable assets. It is built on the Avalanche blockchain.

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