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Staking SNOB for xSNOB

This guide covers how to stake your SNOB tokens. Staking will lock your SNOB for a predetermined amount of time and in return you will receive xSNOB. Before depositing, learn about all the benefits of holding xSNOB.

Step 1: Head to Snowball’s Staking page.

Our staking page can be found here. Make sure your wallet is connected and you have Avalanche’s C-Chain selected.

Step 2: Select SNOB Amount & Lock Time.

Through our page, you are able to enter the amount of SNOB you would like to stake along with the amount of time you would like to stake it for. Keep in mind any staked SNOB will be fully locked during the duration of your stake and thus cannot be traded or unlocked prior to the final unlock date.

Step 3: Lock Your SNOB

Once you are certain about your lock settings, clicking on APPROVE AND CREATE LOCK will prompt you to sign a transaction through your wallet.

Congratulations! Your SNOB is now locked and you have now received xSNOB in exchange. If you don’t see your xSNOB balance reflected yet on-site, just refresh the page.



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