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Dynamic Data Masks: Protect sensitive data with Snowflake (superhero edition)

Your customers trust you to protect their privacy and identities — and Snowflake makes this easy with Dynamic Data Masks. With this you can get rid of complex systems of secure views or copies of data: Just create policies that allow everyone to share the same tables and queries, while protecting sensitive data.

Let’s say your customers are superheroes, and you have a table that contains data about them. You know a lot about your customers, and they trust you to protect their identities and privacy — not only from third parties, but also from people in your company that need this data to do their job, but not all of this:

For example, your lawyers need to see the real names of your heroes, but not their superhero identities. And customer service — they need to see the first name to talk to them, but not their full identity. Maybe they need to know how famous each of them is, but not necessarily the exact number. And so on.

So we need to solve this data problem, and we don’t want to make multiple copies of the data and we don’t want to create a complex system of views.

What we want here is dynamic masks. With dynamic masks, we can define policies in one place and Snowflake will make sure that people in your company can share tables and queries, but they will only see what they’re allowed to see, depending on their role.

So I wrote this policy in SQL that only allows people with the lawyer role to see the full name. Meanwhile people with the customer service role only see the first name — and no one else will be able to see the legal name of our customers:

Let’s try it out with a SELECT *: I get some data, and if I change my role, the same SELECT * gives me different results.

It’s the same table. It’s the same query. My role determines what I see. Even better, these masks are applied at query time. They even work with external tables that might live in your Data Lake.

And it’s that simple because Snowflake cares about your data and the privacy of your customers. And this is just a start. We will go deeper in the near future but in the meantime, check below the full SQL script to reproduce these results.


For dynamic masks to work, you need to use Snowflake’s Enterprise edition or higher:

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I’m Felipe Hoffa, Data Cloud Advocate for Snowflake. Thanks for joining me on this adventure. You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check for the most interesting Snowflake news.



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