Flywheel: The Fastest, No-code Way to Activate Customer Data on Snowflake

Learn how enterprise companies use Flywheel as a Connected App on Snowflake to activate their customer data

Brad McNeely


By Kate Ambrose and Brad McNeely

Flywheel empowers enterprise companies to activate customer data directly from Snowflake to any marketing, sales, or customer service destinations to drive revenue. In a world of long integration timelines, Flywheel’s platform stands out as the fastest way to target and activate your customer data on Snowflake. No data pipelines, integrations, or new data models to set up — just connect your Snowflake tables to Flywheel and go. Flywheel expands on reverse ETL with a fully-featured Data Activation Platform offering dynamic audiences, automated reporting, experimentation, and several other features traditionally found in Customer Data Platforms (CDP’s), now made available natively in Snowflake.

Flywheel’s platform offers a No-Code Interface to your customer data in Snowflake that allows you to (i) create customer segments in seconds, (ii) sync them to all your channels (ie. TikTok, Marketo, Salesforce), and (iii) measure revenue impact of your efforts.

This Snowflake-native approach queries your customer data in place, so it leverages all of Snowflake’s scalability and performance in a much more cost-effective manner than copying all of your customer data (as most other platforms ask you to do). This is disrupting CDP’s who silo your customer data in their systems with a much more open model. The decision to have Snowflake power the Flywheel platform is a natural one given how critical performance, security, and privacy are in activating customer data effectively.

Over the past few years, Flywheel has seen innovative data leaders building the Modern Data Stack within their organization with Snowflake at the center. They are consolidating their customer data in Snowflake and are looking for faster ways to activate the data in their warehouse because data at rest simply does not drive revenue. Flywheel’s data activation platform is purpose-built to enable everyone in an organization to put Snowflake data in motion and turn your data warehouse into a growth engine.

Powered by Snowflake gives Flywheel the performance power to query and activate Terabytes of data necessary for their enterprise customers. Snowflake also allows Flywheel to keep security at the forefront with all the data governance occurring within Snowflake. Banks, healthcare companies, and other enterprises choose Flywheel because it allows sensitive customer data to stay in their Snowflake data warehouse. Because Flywheel operates on data stored in a customer’s Snowflake account, Flywheel customers only need to export customer segments to marketing and sales destinations, while leaving their sensitive customer data in their Snowflake databases and leveraging Snowflake’s industry-certified data security standards.

Flywheel’s customers are activating their Snowflake data in new and creative ways every day to drive revenue. Here are a few examples:

  • A sports customer used the platform to identify fans most likely to purchase season ticket packages. With this customer segment, they launched a Facebook Ad campaign to target those high propensity buyers on Facebook. This campaign generated $800k in revenue and a greater than 12% conversion rate.
  • A large retail customer has increased revenue by predicting which customers will churn and providing an in app discount notification whenever a lapsed customer signs in to their app or website.
  • Another recent automotive organization was up and running with Flywheel on top of their Snowflake instance in under 24 hours. Their team launched an engagement email sequence campaign to drive uplift in appointment bookings.

Innovative data leaders choose Flywheel to activate customer data in Snowflake because they want a faster time-to-value and a single source of truth that is accessible to their analytics team. In short, they are data-driven teams that harness the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to generate new opportunities for growth.

In summary, clients use Flywheel’s 1st party data activation platform to:

  • Create Customer Audiences Faster
  • With the customer data already collected in Snowflake, any business user can generate customer segments in seconds off a single source of truth;
  • These customer segments are dynamic — customers are added and removed as they meet or fall out of the segment criteria.
  • Activate those Audiences to Key Destinations
  • Push any customer list automatically to any of your key marketing destinations via Flywheel’s extensive destination list (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Braze, Marketo, Salesforce, and more);
  • Establish cross-channel targeting that is visible to everyone at the company
  • Measure Revenue Impact
  • Design and launch experiments based on treatment and control groups easily within the Flywheel Platform;
  • Measure incremental lift within Flywheel’s platform for any key metric, such as revenue, upper funnel activity, product engagement, and other conversions.

Collecting data in Snowflake to establish a single view of the customer is the first step to unlocking the potential of your organization’s Modern Customer Data Stack. The next step is the ability to take the customer insights you are generating from your Modern Customer Data Stack and activate them across your sales, marketing, and customer service tools. This is where Flywheel comes in. With Flywheel, organizations can take their single view of the customer and activate this data, building revenue-generating marketing campaigns to strategically connect to an organization’s customers in minutes thanks to Snowflake’s powerful platform.

To see a demo of Flywheel’s Data Activation Platform and to learn more about how Snowflake and Flywheel partner to empower organizations to activate their customer data, check out this video.

Kate Ambrose is a Partnerships Lead at Flywheel and Brad McNeely is a Sr. Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake