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From BigQuery Director to Snowflake user — with Dan Delorey, VP of Data at SoFi

After an incredible 13 year career, Dan Delorey left Google to become the VP of Data at SoFi. It’s a huge switch, and — fortunately for us — Dan shared his story with the Data Engineering Podcast. Here I want to share my notes, starting with Dan as a Google Software Engineer who became an Engineering Director for BigQuery, and then moved into a VP role at a regulated financial company.

Dan Delorey — photo courtesy of Dan Delorey

Before BigQuery: Dremel

The 2010 Dremel paper

BigQuery: From Data Lake to Data Warehouse

VP of Data at a regulated financial company

The raw zone

The cleansed zone

The modeled zone

The summarized zone

Further thoughts

Why Snowflake

Moving forward: Data Mesh at Sofi

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