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Measuring Customer Engagement with Braze and Snowflake

The Braze Engagement Benchmarks give Snowflake users access to industry-by-industry data on message engagement, app retention, user acquisition, and purchasing behavior, updated daily. All data in Benchmarks are anonymized and aggregated. The data are pulled from their customer base of over 1,000 global brands across 14 major industries and encompass the past year from the current date. Find here how to query them.

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Let’s say you have a health and fitness app, and you’re wondering: What’s the best day to send notifications to your users? It’s Monday:

Engagement to notifications for health & fitness apps on iOS. Source: Braze

As the chart shows, Monday is when 7% of users of health apps open their notifications.

Now, what about gaming apps? The best day to send notifications is Sunday:

Engagement to notifications for gaming apps on iOS. Source: Braze

But that’s only on iOS. Android users are most likely to open gaming related notifications on Wednesdays:

Engagement to notifications for gaming apps on Android. Source: Braze

This data comes out of hundreds of companies that use Braze as their customer engagement platform, and you can use the data as a benchmark for your own applications. You can find the data in Braze’s public dashboard powered by Snowflake, or even better, this data is ready for you to query on the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Braze engagement benchmarks in the Snowflake Data Marketplace

This is how I learned that people finally started reengaging with travel related apps in March — after a year with not much travel:

Engagement to notifications for travel apps on iOS. Source: Braze

Or that in retail and e-commerce, the first purchase happens in 26 days, while the second one takes 43:

Average # of days to first and second purchase by industry. Source: Braze

You don’t need to be a Braze customer to access all this data. It’s all available and updated for free in the Data Cloud. Just start writing your SQL queries, like this one to check the purchase propensity by industry:

// Pull percent of buyers and repeat buyers for each industry included in Benchmarks
COALESCE(SUM(pct_first_time_buyers), 0) AS pct_first_time_buyers,
COALESCE(SUM(pct_repeat_buyers), 0) AS pct_repeat_buyers
WHERE industry!= 'All Industries'

And if you are a Braze customer, then you can also get your own data from Braze shared automatically with your Snowflake account.

Are you ready to query? You will find the Braze benchmarks for 14 different industry segments:

Propensity to first purchase by industry. Source: Braze

If you are working to reengage customers, this is the data you want.

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I’m Felipe Hoffa, Data Cloud Advocate for Snowflake. Thanks for joining me on this adventure. You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check for the most interesting Snowflake news.



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