Snowflake SNOWPRO Core Self Assessment Tool

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Today I am happy to share my SnowPro Self Assessment tool which I had created during my Snowflake certification preparation phase. I was looking for such tool during my preparation phase and couldn’t find any. Also, there is too many details are available in scatter format which is difficult for any person to digest specially if he has no background on Snowflake. This tool specially help people if they want to track their SnowPro learning progress as well as also want to check the confidence level for each topic and overall confidence level.

For details on how to use this tool and from where you can download this tool please watch the below video.

Hope this will help all those who are aspiring to do SnowPro Core certification. Hope this blog help you to get insight on how to prepare for SNOWPRO Core certification. Feel free to ask a question in the comment section if you have any doubts regarding this tool. Give a clap if you like the tool. Stay connected to see many more such cool stuff. Thanks for your support.

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