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Uncovering the Unblemished Truth of Snowflake

Last week I was attending the Snowflake ❄️ Data for Champions. A restart of the Dutch Snowflake UserGroup.

This first live session in a long time was a fireside chat with consultants from Eneco, and Picnic about what it takes to build a “Data Culture in the Modern Enterprise”. A very interesting session about happens in real Snowflake implementations. A Data Culture doesn’t start overnight. Executive sponsorship is very important, next to the fact that a Data Culture is not necessarily tool or technology related. Starting small and showing quick wins is key to convince people to do more with their data.

“Uncovering the Unblemished Truth of Snowflake”

After the event I had an interview with Jakob Brandel of Snowflake. We talked about the Snowflake Data Superhero program. By activating the Dutch Snowflake User Community we hope to Uncover the Unblemished Truth of Snowflake.

If you want to get involved in the UserGroup, please let me know. We are always looking for interesting customer use cases.

Let’s build the community.

Thanks for reading and till next time.

Daan Bakboord — DaAnalytics

Snowflake articles from engineers using Snowflake to power their data.

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Daan Bakboord

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