What can you share, clone, or replicate in Snowflake?

Tomáš Sobotík
Apr 15 · 2 min read

Maybe you are preparing for your Snowflake certification and you are trying to learn what you can clone or share. Or maybe you are wondering during your daily work “can I clone this and that”? What about my new stream or task? Can I share it with my reader account? Of course, all that can be found in the documentation but is scattered over multiple pages. During my certification preparation, I was looking for some kind of overview that would combine all those features in one place and present it in some easy-to-read and easy-to-remember format. I haven’t found such a page in the documentation and I hope I am not the only one who thinks that would be valuable to have something like that available.

I have collected all that information from different documentation pages and put them into a single table listing all basics objects (tables, views, task & streams, etc.) with features (cloning, data sharing, replication) and information if a particular feature is supported for a given object or not. You can find the overview in the table below. Please take into consideration that support of particular features is changing over time so what is valid today (April 2021) does not have to be valid in a couple of months. For instance, I know that support for replication of certain objects which are currently not supported is planned for future versions of Snowflake. That’s why provided table can become outdated in the future.

List of objects and features and support status

Snowflake documentation has been used to collect information for this overview. Please find below particular documentation pages where you can find details for each feature:

I hope I haven’t done any mistake in defining what is supported and what is not. If you find any mistakes, let me know and I will correct the table. 🙏🏻

If you would like to include the table in your application or web page, please find below a code to embed it.

<iframe class="airtable-embed" src="https://airtable.com/embed/shr03x0kCmFtF1dNB?backgroundColor=red&viewControls=on" frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" width="100%" height="533" style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;"></iframe>

If you are looking for more tips on how to become Snowflake certified, check out my other post called How to get Snowflake certified where I provide an overview of available materials, personal tips, and learning recommendations for both Snowflake Certifications (SnowPro Core Designer and Advanced Architect).


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