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☃️ Welcome to the highest yielding wrapped BTC on Ethereum — btcSNOW ☃️


- 🔁 Swaps: YcrvRenWSBTC with FcrvRenWBTC
- 🏦 Deposit: YcrvRenWSBTC and/or FcrvRenWBTC, earn LP Rewards and mint btcSNOW
- 💸 Stake: btcSNOW and earn SNOW (APY ~ 100% at the moment)
- ❄️ Token: Snow Token has gained 500%+ in the last 30 days


As the Bitcoin bull run continues, the team at Snowswap does not want you to get left behind. To do our part, SnowSwap has built a bitcoin bridge between the two largest yield farming ecosystems: Yearn and Harvest finance. When deciding on which assets to include in the btcSNOW pool, this was a no brainer, as together, these two constitute over $175 million in TVL. Both assets also use Сurve LP tokens hence there are multiple levels of yield.

Holders of btcSNOW will be earning the underlying yield of the aforementioned protocols + SNOW rewards. It’s the smartest wrapped BTC on Уthereum to date. But … who cares? ☃️

The emissions for btcSNOW will take the place of the inactive wBTC staking pool which was receiving 15% of SNOW rewards - 630 SNOW for weeks 9–10.

We also understand that with all these layers of wrapping it can sometimes be unclear how to get from point a to point b. To help facilitate, we have put together two infographics detailing exactly how.

❄️️️️ How to get to btcSNOW using Harvest Finance:

❄️️️️ How you can get to btcSNOW through Yearn Finace :

❄️ Snow Token Stats over the last 30 days

Thank you to the community for your continuous support in helping us realize this growth, keeping us accountable, and being vocal. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you.

Please bring all of your questions to our Discord. In the meantime, stay tuned— we continue to build.

#LetItSnow ❄️️️️



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