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Rudolph’s Pool (SNOW-ETH LP Staking) Relaunch with Higher Staking Rewards


❄️ Rudolph’s Pool (SNOW-ETH UNI V2 LP staking) liquidity mining rewards are increasing on October 16, 2021
❄️ 170 SNOW will be distributed daily
❄️ No restaking required
❄️ Enjoy the higher APR!!

Rudolph’s Pool, accessible from the Stake page of the SnowSwap web site, is perhaps the most important pool for SnowSwap, as it encourages people to provide liquidity on Uniswap for the SNOW governance token. Originally, 70 SNOW per day were distributed to stakers, but over time the APR has dropped dramatically. From today, 170 SNOW per day will be distributed to stakers, based on each investor’s percentage ownership.

Check here for our full guide on how to provide liquidity to Rudolph’s Pool!

Note: There is no need to restake one’s SNOW-ETH LP in a new pool. All current stakers will automatically receive the increased rewards.

The just launched Olaf’s Pool on Polygon similarly rewards SNOW-USDC QuickSwap LP holders. You might also want to check it out as well.

Thanks for your patronage and support. Stay tuned for many new announcements. These are exciting times at SnowSwap!

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