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SnowSwap 2021 Roadmap

SnowSwap lets you swap yield-farming tokens of the top DeFi Projects and maximize your APY by adding an additional layer of yield.

Snowswap 2021 Roadmap TL;DR

❄️ Team scales to 14 people
❄️ Dex/AMM Multichain Launch
❄️ New Pools
❄️ Snow DAO Launching
❄️ CEX Listing
❄️ Changes to Existing Pools
❄️ Security Review with Qauntstamp
❄️ New Grandmother Tested UX
❄️ SnowSwap User Guide (Gitbook)
❄️ New DeFi Product Launch in Collab with a top 200 Project
❄️ Partnership with a mobile app that opens the doors to the masses

Snow Walkers!! Sorry for the announcement hiatus!

The month of April has come and gone without many announcements from SnowSwap. But rest assured, things have still been moving. There are a lot of tasks in the pipeline, so let’s look at the schedule for the next couple of quarters.

SnowSwap went live in October 2020. Since that time, a lot has changed in the fast-paced world of DeFi. The core SnowSwap team has undergone some large changes, with some old team members leaving and many new ones joining.

Meet the Team Behind SnowSwap

SnowSwap Community

Entering the second quarter of 2021 is where things are getting interesting. The start of the Snow DAO is being readied in conjunction with a major CEX token listing. There are multiple new pools ready to launch, and a second security audit on the way. Meanwhile, SnowSwap is becoming multichain! Implementing new pools on a second chain (details coming soon) is under development, but it will not stop there.

Finally, another theme is to make SnowSwap more user-friendly and easier for new users to understand and start using. As part of this, the SnowSwap User Guide will be soon available. SnowSwap aspires to earn and keep your trust and is working hard to make that happen.

Upcoming New SnowSwap UX

Changes to Pools

The yield farming world has changed significantly since many of the pools launched. Our pools are being updated to keep up. A new ETH pool and BTC pools connecting to Badger DAO are right around the corner, as well as some additional pool changes. Details will be announced soon.

The existing Buddy Elf’s Pool (eth2SNOW) will be discontinued in the near future. A discontinuation date will be announced soon. aETH and wETH token holders should be able to deposit their tokens in an upcoming new ETH pool (details to be announced).


A new user guide is coming this week! It is mostly targeted at beginners but anyone who wants to understand everything that SnowSwap does, the differences between the pools, etc., is encouraged to check it out.

Q1 2021 Roadmap

In the first quarter of 2021, SnowSwap laid the groundwork for a lot of future activities.

SNOW Token



Q2 2021 Roadmap

Additional exchange listings

  • Top-tier CEX Listing (announcement soon)

New and Improved Pools

  • Launched fAssets Pool (Harvest Finance)
  • Launch crvethSNOW Pool (Curve ETH LP tokens swaps)
  • Launch BTC Pools (in partnership with Badger.Finance)
  • Re-launch Yearn V2 Pool
  • Multichain AMM and Pools
  • Zap functionality to auto-wrap/allow depositing vanilla coins

Core Features

  • Governance/Snow DAO implementation (Let community vote on aspects of governance, including pools and pool parameters)
  • Home page redesign
  • Launch our Dex/AMM on other chains in collaboration with a top 200 DeFi Project


  • Open source front-end and other parts of our infrastructure
  • Improve and disclose security practices (OpSec)
  • Bounties for external developers
  • Finish second Quantstamp security audit


  • SnowSwap User Guide
  • Developer API & documentation for arbitragers and other projects to use SnowSwap liquidity

Q3 2021 Roadmap

  • Continue multi-chain support (3rd+ chain)
  • Connect with a front-end mobile app to bring retail exposure
  • Launch Additional SNOW Liquidity Pool (SNOW-USDC)


  • Partnership with a decentralized infrastructure project
  • Everest global banking platform integration implementation (Fiat on/off ramp)
  • Partnership with DeFi Launchpad
  • Integration with data analytics tool

About SnowSwap

SnowSwap offers tools for people to make more money investing in DeFi.

Our goal is to allow yield farmers to more easily switch into the highest yielding token at any time, avoiding withdrawal fees, and high gas costs from withdrawing, unwrapping, and depositing into other products.

Currently, SnowSwap provides a DEX (decentralized exchange) featuring multiple liquidity pools for swapping between yield farming assets of similar worth, namely: yield-bearing stablecoins (in conjunction with other platforms such as yEarn, Curve, and recently Harvest), and different flavors of wrapped tokens (including yield generating wrapped Bitcoin and different flavors of wrapped ETH tokens).

Additionally, users may provide liquidity to these pools (i.e. liquidity mining) and in return receive rewards paid in SNOW tokens. Please see our user guide coming this week for additional information.

We see a future in which our DEX is enabling the DeFi ecosystem to be highly efficient and maximize yields across multiple chains and assets.

(This roadmap is a living document and is subject to change.)

❄️ SnowSwap Social Media



AMM / DEX for yield-bearing LP Token swaps. But who cares? ☃️

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