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SnowSwap is proud to announce a partnership with Everest to bring institutional $ into DeFi


Everest global banking platform, whose services include portable eKYC/AML, L2 transaction ledger, and fiat-in/out ramps — will be integrated with SnowSwap to facilitate the mass market into DeFi.

Everest is the world’s only device-free globally accessible, digital transaction protocol with a built-in identity. Users of the platform are able to digitally verify their identity for public services and other operations. The platform is constructed the way that people actually own and control their information. Besides, all data is shared selectively and is resilient against attacks.


SnowSwap is a DeFi project that provides liquidity pools for swapping between assets of similar worth, namely: yield bearing stablecoins (in conjunction with other platforms such as yEarn, Curve, and now Harvest), and different flavors of wrapped tokens (including yield generating wrapped Bitcoin and locked ETH staking derivative tokens). Our goal is to allow users to more easily switch into the highest yielding token, avoiding withdrawal fees, and high gas costs from withdrawing, unwrapping, and depositing into other products.

Fiat to yield farm

  • SnowSwap will adopt Everest’s global fiat-in/out giving you the ability to fiat to yield farm on directly SnowSwap ❄️
  • Exploring the L2 solutions together, running the AMM onto Everchain (L2) for fast and cheap transactions ☃️

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