VR: The Future

As we look into the future of virtual reality, we can envision even greater things to come. These are ideally built worlds with well defined rules, and they have well defined goals. Imagine a life where you knew if you went to high school, went to college, and did some training you would be rewarded with a high-paying job. This is the type of world VR could build. If you want a specific item there is a clear path on how to do so. No major unforeseen variables could hinder you. People could also take risk that they would never take in real life. A business decision in the real world could cost you years of financial turmoil, but a similar risk in a virtual world would simply delay you reaching your goal. There are theoretical problems that can happen, but that is another post on its own.

Virtual reality could even be the answer of the ever increasing job issues of the world. As technology advances people are losing jobs. If a virtual world reaches a point where it carries enough real world value, jobs could easily be made inside of those worlds. This is already done to a small extent today. In a game like World of Warcraft there are items rare enough that people will pay large amounts of money for them. This could be carried over into a even greater extent in worlds as immersive as these could be.

Why only worry about the physical money in your country though? If virtual reality becomes important enough, the currency inside of the game will carry just as much value. Some people may argue that it is fake money. I simply ask them, “How is the American dollar real?” It is an inanimate object that we assigned a value to. Nothing prevents anybody from assigning a value to a virtual world currency. Today we already have things like that carry value like BitCoin. Money is simply the assignment of value, and nothing keeps anybody from assigning that type of value to any other object, physical or digital.