VR: The Bad

There is bad that will come with virtual reality. We have talked about how great things are now, and the bright future that is possibly ahead. The keyword to think about in this discussion is the word “reality”. The reality is that social structures will be put in place over time. People will form communities, and by nature they will probably dislike other communities. You will have a class structure. Some players will devote more time to the game than others, therefore they will have more money and items. Politics will eventually get involved as well. Who will enforce the rules? Who decides the rules? These are questions that will be answered in a post on their own later on.

Virtual reality will quite literally be a digital representation of an actual society’s rise to greatness and the ups and downs that come with it. It is a society being formed without boundaries. In these virtual worlds country borders will have no meaning. It will be the ultimate melting pot of different cultures. This means that it is the perfect storm for conflict. Inevitably people will disagree, and inevitably some of these people will solve the problems in the wrong way. This will be a new form of digital warfare. People will find ways to choke out other people inside the game. Limit income of money, limit in game resources, etc.