VR: The Ugly

With bad comes legal issues. We have already discussed how virtual reality could cross the line in to the physical world in terms of income, but what about in terms of crime. If a game allows sexual activity, and someone is forced against their will to do this, is it rape? Right now the answer would obviously be no to most people, but in the future VR could change that. As the digital world gains more and more value in the physical world, the line will become blurry. At what point would the digital have enough value that breaking the rules inside of the digital world could have consequences in the physical world? In theory we could find a time where assaulting someone in the game could lead to an assault charge in real life. This will take a major mental shift in how society views the digital world, but as VR becomes more immersive it could easily happen. The technology is there now, and we will continue to double our understanding of it every year. As a result we will value it more.