VR: Policed by the Maker

The last post about virtual reality is the scariest. As mentioned before politics will eventually get involved, and that is never a good thing. Ideally politics will include elected officials chosen by the users of the game, but that will probably not be the case at first. We can use video games today as an example. Punishments are not chosen by the community if someone cheats. They are chosen by the developer of the game. This possible cultural shift into a digital world could lead to worlds controlled completely by private organizations.

We would already be inhabiting worlds created by these organizations. They will have made the initial rules and put everything in place. Once again, look at video games today. The games ran by the people are single player experiences. If the game is online it is completely controlled by the company that made the game. If video games and virtual reality do eventually reach the point where crimes inside the game can be punishable in the physical world, will these companies decide who has broken the law?

It will require people to make their voices heard in the physical world, so that they can make a difference in the new digital world. New laws will have to be written by our country’s government. If we do not make our voice heard at that time, these large corporations will be the ones that write them. We may eventually reach a time where the digital world does have a government structure, but we will have to fight for it. With current laws the way they are, the corporations will have complete reign over these worlds. If virtual reality is going to reach the amazing positive goals that we talked about at the beginning of this discussion on VR, this cannot happen. We watch countries fall because they become money hungry. This would happen to our digital world as well if it is controlled by profit seeking developers.