[5/10] always doors opening

Quote 5/10 from Jim Carrey.

It is easy sometimes to see a door close and be locked into the idea that we missed the defining opportunity of our life. We can put so much weight into one thing. But do this quick exercise.

  1. Think back on the many important, impactful decisions and opportunities you’ve had. The ones you didn’t take or didn’t get and the ones you did. Taking a high level view, notice that so many big crossroad moments have brought you to where you are today (physically, emotionally, spiritually). Some “doors” ended up being good and some not so good or even bad. Depending on how old you are, take a moment to realize how many doors you’ve walked through and walked by and will continue to do so.
  2. Now take a step closer and pick out one or two of the earlier big decisions, the big opportunities, some that worked out and some that didn’t. Try to remember how stressful it was, how much you wanted it at the time, how monumental the decision seemed to be, how you felt it was the one. But alas, most likely it wasn’t the one, it wasn’t the peak, it wasn’t the culminating step in your life. And other “doors” came along (if you paid attention), some you took and some you didn’t. And through the lens of your personal history, perspective sets in and the major decisions and crossroads of life that meant so much at the time are now just parts of the story.

No matter how good or bad life is for you right now, you can literally decide to build momentum towards something better. Move in the direction of who you believe you were meant to be and you’ll be surprised, shocked at how many doors open for you. And if you feel you’ve missed your cue, don’t stop, just keep moving forward. There are more and more doors along the way, as I believe Jim is pointing out.

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