Here we go!

Over the next week or two, I’ll be working on refining this site. I’m just a little OCD, so this should be interesting and I’m brand new to WordPress (which is not as easy as my more tech savvy friends led me to believe — I hope I survive it without going insane). This is the next step in whatever this journey is that I find myself on. It will include updating my other Social accounts to look and feel more like SMMB. I’ll do my best over the next several weeks of differentiating the content being posted on the various Social networks — vs literally copying+pasting the same exact post to all of them. This is the easy part.

The scarier/harder part of opening Pandora’s box here is that I’ll begin to slowly remove the barrier that I’ve kept up the past couple of months. To most of my friends and family, I’ve been a lot more active on Social media than before — like non-existent to posting almost everyday in ways that reveal, more and more and deeper and deeper, the recesses of my mind and soul. I’ve had a number of people ask me what I’m up to. I think some have maybe wondered if I’m going through some sort of midlife, existential crisis — or maybe that was just me? The truth is I’ve always been like this, always thought like this, always felt like this. The difference lately is I’m starting to actually share more of myself with my world. And it’s all been very good for me — not 100% sure if it’s been good for anyone else, but I really hope so.

So what have I been hiding? A Facebook page that I started a couple of months ago (and now this SMMB website that took most of February to build). I’ve literally just been duplicating posts under the banner of trying to build a community that wants better — no matter how good or bad life currently is, so they can go on to live in a meaningful, other-centric way that is more aligned with who they actually are and what they actually want out of life.

I’ll eventually add video and audio content to what I’m doing. Admittedly, I did post one video on the page already, but I took it down — because the recording quality wasn’t very good, but mostly because I’m about to share the SMMB Facebook page with my entire world (vs the 115 people that have liked the page so far — all of them strangers to me at this point). Putting yourself out there in written form is one thing, but to do so with your more tangible/vulnerable humanity over video or audio is another thing that I’m still warming up to.

I realized, maybe at the outset, that it would be impossible to keep up the barrier. And it’s ironic that I felt the need to keep the most vulnerable thoughts/ideas/aspirations from my inner Facebook circle, yet be completely ok sharing with potentially and literally anyone else in the world. So I’ll slowly take down the curtain. I’ve already shared this website with a few that are close to me. I’ve been adding links to the SMMB accounts to my various Social profiles open for anyone to see if they happened to look. I changed my Instagram handle and started a new Twitter handle to better align with the SMMB website. I’ve tweeted out to the very few that currently follow me (very, very few that I actually know). Instagram will be next to see a post announcing the site (also a very small group, but just a little less small). And soon after, I’ll rip the band aid off and share with everyone on my personal Facebook page, inviting anyone that might be interested in following me over to the So Much More Better website and related various Social threads. And then my personal page will revert back to not quite the same infrequency of posts featuring family pictures, sports related posts (a lot of this started with the UW football game recap images), thinly veiled political comments, and other stuff.

And what am I up to? I don’t know for sure yet. This all started with posting some memes with mini blogs and a few short blog posts on Medium. I’ll keep doing that — again, differentiating the type and length of content over the different channels.

Am I trying to quit or change my job? No, not necessarily. This thing I’m doing is more about expressing than employing. It’s about hoping that my voice (and hopefully the voices of the people that will do me the honor of interacting with the SMMB community) might actually help some people to gain greater awareness about who they are and what they want out of this one shot of a life we are all so fortunate to live — so they will start making better decisions that are more congruent with who they are and by doing so, they’ll be more engaged with life and as a result will have a more positive impact on others in their world. So yeah, it’s my grand plan to change the world!

Beyond all that? I would love to write a book someday. Maybe put out a podcast, too. I would love to have some ideas worth sharing in a TED talk at some point. I’d love to meet, break bread with, and talk with my heroes one day. But most of all, I’m finding out more everyday that I am many miles away from my “best self now” (which BTW, is a slightly misguided and false goal). And I just want to be a BETTER and BETTER version of myself as I march through the rest of my life, so I can give the best I can to however big or small my world ends up being — THAT is the ultimate goal.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

And BETTER to you!

>< Find me at on Instagram and sometimes at morebetter_co on Twitter

[ ] Also recently started a Facebook page at So Much More Better

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