truth is truth — love people more and things less

Admittedly, I have been extremely distracted by our new president’s first week in office. It’s not been good for this existential crisis — I mean awakening — that I’m going through. You can ask Carrie, not my “best self now” the last few days. I’m sure everyone really missed me not posting yesterday (insert sarcasm). And this is a longer one… really sorry (think of it as 2 posts with a bonus at the end)!

This little gem comes from Sam Harris. As a person of faith (however progressive), it may seem odd that I quote an atheist known as one of the Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse. This guy is wicked smart — no pun intended — and fascinating to listen to. And no I’m not “losing my religion here”. I’m holding to this theory that truth is truth no matter where it may be found. The legitimacy of the truth spoken is not predicated upon the mouth that the truth might come from. And the opposite holds true. I hope we all keep that in mind in this new world of alternative facts. May we really examine the validity of what is being said, regardless of who says it, on all sides of whatever the issue at hand. I believe our moral, and maybe actual, existence depends on it. That’s my political(ish) rant without being too political. I’m sure I offended someone, but I promise you that was not my intent.

Onto the quote. The image is a picture of my closet from yesterday morning. I’ve blurred it for effect, but also to protect the innocent (me). Too often this past year (or let’s be honest, much longer than that), my closet has looked like this and far, far worse. It’s become somewhat of a symbol for the chaos that happens between my ears at times — how’s that for vulnerability? But back to the point and in a more literal sense, it is evidence of my “need” for more and more and more. No judgment here, this post really is aimed at me (and you get to come along for the ride, if you’ve made it this far). I’m no Trump or any of his uberwealthy friends, but I have all I need and more (materially and otherwise). As Sam Harris argues, the things that I’ve wanted and “needed” that are supposed to bring me some kind of satisfaction ultimately become a source of disappointment, as my gaze settles on the the latest version or the next new thing. I’ve bought into the advertising and consumerism message wholeheartedly.

I recently watched 3 documentaries (13th, Happy, and Minimalism) that I think/hope will help me see what I can do (small steps, let’s not get too crazy) in my own circle of control at a time when it seems so much is out of my control. The basic idea is to love people more and more — and things less and less. If you are feeling the same way, maybe these films will help you, too?

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