Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar — Interview

Monoreena’s “The Shallows” — a sketch
Charcoal on graphite sketch — “Shallow” by Monoreena

I began following Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar a while ago on Medium because of her art. Each work she creates is either the source or a response to the immersive poetry or story that comes with it. Both paintings and words are of one cloth, and filled with haunting images.

In her article “About Thingsthe image, a study in blue, is titled Cobalt, the Moonlit, Abstract Painting, and these are…




The impulse to create is within us all. For writers, it is an inevitable journey of transformation.

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Regina Clarke

Regina Clarke

Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics. Ph.D. in English Literature.

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