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Soaking Up Game

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle

The Marathon Must Continue

“I taught all my ni**as how to fish. Some caught more than others Some said they rather be fed. Some past me up in the process.
But at the end of it all I know I ain’t hide the game from my people and im Real for that.” Nipsey Hussle

I tear up every time I see this picture
Final days in the hospital
Curtis, Harold, and my Pops
Austin, TX Spring 2014
New Orleans summer 2014
A couple of days before checking into the hospital
Took the train from LA to San Jose to present our MVP at an event
Prepping to pitch for Microsoft Ventures in Santa Monica in January of 2015
Sharing our vision at a San Diego Tech Hub meeting
Follow Your Bliss



I have had the opportunity to learn from some amazing individuals. The obstacles and calculated risks taken are how we gain wisdom. Soaking Up Game is where we share the lessons to help the next generation.

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