3 Most Popular Corporate Video Types of 2016

2016 was a big year for video, at least for our clients. Many of them came from different walks of life. Some had never used video in their organization. While others had a large video library that they simply needed to migrate from their Sharepoint to a dedicated video platform.

We conducted an analysis on the different video types that gained the most views and engagement (likes, shares and comments). After surveying our data, here’s what we determined to be our top 3 most popular video types of 2016.

3. Product launch

Of the top three, this video type appears to require the most planning to shoot. It’s typically a string of video footage that ranges from product manager interviews to shots of the product and the occasional key message from leadership. Other videos of this nature appear to include client testimonials as well. A little less than half of the companies we looked at hired a professional videographer.

2. Troubleshooting a software issue

These videos are inspired by an employee who has found a solution to an issue OR has encountered an issue with a company software (such as CRM, sharepoint, ERP, etc…). We’ve seen two methods for recording these videos. One of these popular methods has an employee using their screen recorder (such as CamTasia). The second popular method has an employee using their smartphone to record their laptop. Both seem to generate a lot of employee response and engagement (specifically comments and likes).

1. Video Selfie (aka Employee profile)

This type is the fastest and easiest for employees to record and was the most popular among sales leaders, new hires and leadership. The average time of each video was approximately 18 seconds. It generally had the following inclusions — name, title, and a quirky fact about the person.

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