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How Video can Improve Your Company

Right now I can hop onto Google, search for calculus and learn a semesters worth of material by the end of the day. Now that’s a slight exaggeration but the meaning still stands. The internet has become the new source of quick — efficient — easy to digest information. And people love it.

More specifically millennials love it; they are the internet generation and they use it to its full potential. The internet in many respects is a wasteland of unusable information and irrelevant content where the user is constantly being bombarded by awful advertisement. Millennials have the impressive skill of sifting through all that waste and finding exactly what they need. They’re able to find ways to block all internet advertisement and are able to refine their search so well that whatever information they need is at the top of their search engine. Millennials want to learn, they consume knowledge like its water. In a December 2015 issue of The Journal of Public Sector Management by Optimum Online the argument is made that this current generation wants to receive “easy to find, summary bursts of information.”

The internet is filled with unwanted content

Websites like YouTube and Khan Academy all provide easy to digest information that is at the forefront of learning and development today. These services use video to easily transmit information to the learner in a way that is superior to traditional lectures or text.

Using video is just another form of visual learning and if you think back to your days in school I’d bet that you said something along the lines of “I’m a better visual learner.” You may have said that as a reason for not doing too well on a test, I know I have. However, according to LearningEvents the truth is that 90% of all information that the brain receives is visual and our brains process visual information faster than text, 60 000 times faster in fact. This revelation in learning and development has caught on to the business world where its potential is clear. SingleGrain states that marketers know the potential video offers to the point that 93% of marketing companies use video advertisement which is 600% more effective than both text and direct mail.

The above article states the current system of e-learning is antiquated and the reason for that is because millennials, the current generation and future workforce, do not connect with that system. Video is like coffee, it offers the constant stimulation that millennials need — and want — to learn more effectively. Using video to engage the learning and development of employees has two major benefits. The first is that it’s cost effective; using video allows you to “shave costs and reach a wider audience”, according to Optimum Online. The other benefit is that your organization will in return have smarter employees. At the end of the day isn’t that what any company wants; to spend money effectively and to have an intelligent — well trained — workforce?

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