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Internal company video is growing in popularity every day. At work how often do you come across a video? And no, I don’t mean the video of your annoying colleague’s 5 year old sons acting debut in the parentally praised children rendition of Macbeth. Animal videos don’t count either, except videos about red pandas — they’re the greatest!

Like I said. The greatest!

Internal video is growing in popularity and for good reason. Video is easy to digest and more interesting to us than traditional email. The problem with email is twofold; the first is that when you get a lot of emails it becomes cumbersome to navigate and keep your inbox clean, the second is that you may misinterpret what is being said in an email. Video is great because we can pick up on inflections and the tone of the person’s voice to know what they’re saying. When reading any form of text we bring our on perception onto it.

As video grows in popularity outside of the office, with people spending 50% more time watching online video over television, it is essential that video becomes incorporated into the office. Simply put, video makes communication better and more efficient for people. According to a 1200 person study conducted by Melcrum, 93% of people believed that video was crucial to the internal communication of a company. What seems better; reading an email about new sales strategies or watching a video about them?The latter would be my answer.

Video has the ability to change the way companies work together. Cisco reports that 94% of people believe that using video helps overcome language barriers. In an increasingly global and multicultural society it is a tool like this can create opportunities for everyone. Using internal video changes the way people work together and it’s for the better. The work place becomes a more inclusive and welcoming environment; it builds a community that we feel a part of and at the end of the day isn’t that what we want — to feel like we’re part of something.

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