Stop Being Selfish! Start Working Together.

With Soaq you become one unit

What are some of the worst memories of college or university? No, it wasn’t the time Emma said no when you asked her out, but that was pretty brutal. We’ve all had our Emma’s. But often times the worst parts of school was the group projects. There was always that group member that never did their share of the work or always did it late. There’s the person that never showed up to group meetings and the de-facto group leader that rode everyone. Sometimes group work was great and everyone got along but that’s just as rare as your parent’s approval.

Group work is part of life and it is especially common in the work environment. Meaning, that there is no point in fighting the collaborative process, instead encourage it and benefit from it. Group work has always been done in person with a team of people bouncing ideas off each other. With Soaq you’ll be bringing group work onto your computer. As a private video sharing service we encourage people to post content onto Soaq. The more quality content that is available in your organization the better. Think of Soaq as your personal version of Wikipedia but using video instead of plain text.

By having employees in the organization be able to post content such as how to accomplish certain tasks or tips on dealing with a customer you are creating a database of information. That information has unbelievable value to your organization. Wikipedia, a free service with content posted by the public, has a value of “tens of billions of dollars” according to Jonathan Band and Jonathan Gerafi. The content posted to Soaq has financial and informational value to you, all of which is thanks to the collaboration of the workforce.

Working as a group does not have to be limited to just a couple people in a conference room, it can be a company-wide effort where everyone can contribute and everyone can learn. Soaq brings your entire organization together in a way that everyone can benefit from.

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