Why Are We Wasting Time at Work?

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Have you ever found yourself watching a video on YouTube and then 30 minutes go by and you’re watching a completely unrelated video from the original? Then you come to a moment of realization and ask yourself “How on earth did I end up here?” When you go through the “related content” you will inevitably find videos that are in fact not at all related to what you’re watching. It’s like you’re going down the rabbit hole of unwanted content.

This notion, as described by The Journal of Public Sector Management, is known as “noise” and it is likened to the modern version of the smoke break. They are both unproductive times spent at the office. According to a survey by Harris, 39% of people waste time during office hours on the internet and 38% of people waste time on social media. That same survey states that 27% of people waste time with smoking breaks.

There is a problem in the modern workplace in which people are not stimulated with enough information throughout the day. This leads them to spending more time than needed online which limits productivity. So what’s the solution?

Well, it isn’t to limit internet access, which would do more harm than good. People are “wasting time” online because they don’t receive enough stimuli at work and because when employees search online for what they need it is not readily available. This is the primary issue. By not finding what they need right away people are led down the rabbit hole and into that “noise.”

Whether we like it or not we have officially become a generation of people that want everything now, this includes information. The above article argues that “learners now expect not only accessibility but findability” with regards to online information. If people can’t find what they’re looking for right away then they’ll be forced to go down avenues that will allow them to find the information they need. The problem is that those avenues are more time consuming (= a waste of it). It’s time to increase productivity in the workplace and the best path to do so is to find a way to block out all unwanted noise. The internet is not something to avoid or create barriers around, use it to your advantage — embrace its potential.

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