Soar 0.1.11 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of yet another version of Soar. Development of the platform is continuing at a rabid rate and this sprint was focused on Quality of Life changes such as improving the user experience. It’s a big update with a menagerie of minor changes so I’ll go over some of the big ones.

Improved and Simplified the Satellite Search Capabilities

We’ve taken out all of the guesswork and expertise required to acquire Satellite imagery. It’s faster, easier and produces better results. Our resident GIS experts have helped the technical team bridge the gap between remote sensing professionals and the average Joe.

Sharing Our World

The above imagery shows the ice sheets around Chicago during the recent cold snap. It’s pretty interesting and with our new sharing functionality you can see it simply by clicking here. You can share your findings as well just by clicking that share button next to the select image.

New and Improved User Interface

We have revamped the UI for the Logins, Registration, Uploads and User Profiles. Now with Achievements, Avatar Cropping and Sales Statistics!

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

The devil is in the detail and according to my git history we have made over 240 minor commits related to refactoring, fixing up small annoyances and tweaking behaviours. The development team behind Soar are very hard working and passionate about making this a delightful product.