Soar is Strategically Partnering with ArcBlock

Today, Soar ( announced its new partnership with ArcBlock ( Soar is working to create the world’s first decentralized Super-map using blockchain technology including the delivery of a new decentralized platform for high-quality drone, aerial, and satellite imagery that incentivizes content creators and provides access to images, video and aerial maps for end users to purchase. ArcBlock is the leading application development platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain-enabled services.

“As a leader in delivering high-quality mapping content, our goal is to create an industry leading marketplace for mapping content, including helping drone operators monetize their content, and to help facilitate the delivery of high-resolution content to end-users,” said Neil Prentice, Partnerships Manager at Soar. “By working with ArcBlock, we have a partner who has the platform and expertise to help us deliver our blockchain-enabled service including verifying and authenticating uploaded drone, aerial, and satellite imagery content.”

This new partnership will allow Soar and ArcBlock to work closely together to create and drive their innovative platforms to deliver decentralized services using various infrastructure services. These services include; AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Azure, as well as ArcBlock’s Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP). The combination of ArcBlock technology will not only improve the performance, lower the costs, and ensure a more consumer-friendly platform, but will also make it easier for third parties to offer services through Soar’s Mapping app store which will be available mid 2019.

ArcBlock’s VP of Public Relations, Jean Chen, states, “We believe that Soar is redefining the mapping industry by empowering content creators and meeting an increasingly important customer need by delivering maps through a dynamic database, that is shared using blockchain technologies, ensuring the integrity and security of the content. Our goal is to work with Soar’s development and engineering teams to support them and give them total flexibility by using ArcBlock’s blockchain-agnostic framework to help Soar facilitate the creation, deployment and ongoing management of their blockchain-enabled service.”

Soar is a decentralised global Super-map of the world built on blockchain technology. The Super-map will include access to all mapping systems including daily satellite imagery feeds, through to high-resolution aerial sensors from planes and drone content collected by the greater drone community. All connected using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data. Soar aims to be the decentralised blockchain platform for the future of all maps and imagery.

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