World Premiere SKYM Listing — CoinBene Exchange & Trading Competition

As previously announced, Soar is collaborating with CoinBene in the world premiere listing of SKYM on February 28.

We are pleased to announce additional details around the listing for SKYM Token Holders, including details of a SKYM trading competition.


We’ll be launching on CoinBene with an ETH-SKYM pairing.

SKYM token holders will be able to move their tokens to their CoinBene exchange wallet from 11:00AM Beijing time (GMT +8) on February 27, 24 hours prior to open trading.

Market Trading Starts on February 28, 11:00AM Beijing time (GMT +8)


In partnership with CoinBene and to promote the world premiere launch of SKYM, Soar will be providing an additional 200,000 SKYM Tokens for a Trading Competition to be run on the CoinBene exchange between 11:00AM February 28 and 10:59AM March 7 — Beijing time (GMT +8).

For details of Trading Competition Rules and Regulations please see the CoinBene website closer to the exchange listing date.

About Soar: Soar is a decentralised global Super-map built on blockchain technology. The Super-map will include access to all mapping systems including daily satellite imagery feeds, high resolution aerial sensors from planes and drone content collected by the greater drone community. All connected using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data. Soar aims to be the decentralised blockchain platform for the future of all maps and imagery.