Catch Up On Your Soca: Songs Released For Jamaica Carnival 2019

Photo Credit: SLEEK Jamaica x Xaymaca Carnival

While most are winding down from Trinidad Carnival 2019, there are thousands of carnival revelers getting prepared for Jamaica Carnival 2019 (the 31st anniversary of carnival in Jamaica). Yes, Jamaica has a Carnival, and it’s becoming an annual destination for many.

In 1989, a group of dedicated Jamaican carnivalists introduced carnival to Jamaica; and it has been growing ever since. In fact, it was the late great Jamaican Musician Byron Lee, an artist whose calypso and soca songs were well received in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival since the 70’s, who officially inaugurated the Byron Lee Jamaica Carnival in 1990. For an island well known for dancehall and reggae music, the embracement of soca music and Carnival is nothing short of historical.

True soca lovers yearn to hear soca all year long. We are hoping for new soca music from our favorite artists, and for it to ideally be released prior to carnival’s in destinations other than the one held in Trinidad and Tobago.

A recent press release for the Yard Jam Riddim states:

“Travis World & Jonny Blaze, along with many others in the Soca community, felt there was a noticeable lack of new Soca releases outside of Trinidad Carnival season and especially absent for the rapidly growing Jamaica Carnival.”

With Jamaica Carnival quickly approaching at the end of April, we were blessed with a range of songs, and finally some riddims. Bike Ride Riddim, produced by Stadic and Jonny Blaze was released shortly after Trinidad Carnival. Shortly after, producers Travis World & Jonny Blaze teamed up and gave us Yard Jam Riddim. Yard Jam presents 9 tracks, revealing a diverse lineup of legendary international artists on a dope beat — this riddim only bound to bring calamity on the road.

If you’ve been keeping up with the newly released soca music, you might have noticed on both the “Bike Ride” and “Yard Jam Riddim” it was released partly in collaboration with the blog

Leh We Go is based in Jamaica, and remains an online platform for soca junkies and carnival chasers — from a male perspective. This blog was launched in 2011 by Steven Lofters, a fellow soca junkie, a fitness guru, and one of the directors of Xaymaca (one of Jamaica’s baddest and fastest growing Road March bands).

In a conversation with Steven of Leh We Go about the contributions to Jamaica Carnival and what he hopes to see as Jamaica Carnival evolves, he stated:
“I’ve envisioned something like this for sometime now. Jamaica Carnival is getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been a Soca junkie since 2005 and when it came time for Jamaica Carnival, it was basically the same Soca music from Trinidad Carnival being played with a mix of dancehall. Ideally, I would like to hear songs by both local and international artists/producers after Ash Wednesday; specifically for Jamaica Carnival. I’ve shared my thoughts with Travis World some years ago and this year he made it happen with both local and international artists”

In no particular order, here are riddims and songs released in time for Jamaica carnival:

*All links are live, click and it will lead you to the song*

Toco Loco Riddim

Big up to the three artistes representing Jamaica that touched this riddim. Charly Black gets the waistlines moving with “Wine”, Demarco makes those same waistlines bubble to the next level with “Shaku Wine”, and Konshens gets intimate with those waistlines and have us “Sexin”.

Sexin — Konshens

Shaku Wine — Demarco

Wine — Charly Black

Osaka Riddim

This remains one of my favorite soca riddims released for 2019. Precision Productions surprised soca lovers by adding another song to the Riddim close to Jamaica Carnival. Charly Black came on the riddim and made it his own, giving a heads up to the ladies attending JA Carnival — Charly likes when she can keep up and bubble “Like Soda”.

Like Soda — Charly Black

Bash Gyal Riddim

This riddim presented by Synthdicate Music is bound to make gyal bubble during Jamaica Carnival 2019. Linky First brings back the infamous “Boom Shaka(lakalaka)”, and I refuse to let his chune go overlooked. Elephant Man is back on the scene and he wants “Baby (to) Bring That Body”. Pternsky reminds us to ignore “Badmind” people because “who God bless no man can curse”. RDX is on the scene and gives us “Heavy” vibes — as he knows exactly what he can handle. Meanwhile, Nessa Preppy a.k.a. Ms. Issa Snack is representing the 868 and is the “Bash Gyal” ready to wine.

Heavy — RDX

Baby Bring That Body— Elephant Man

Badmind — Pternsky

Boom Shaka — Linky First

Bash Gyal — Nessa Preppy

Ready — Charly Black x Patrice Roberts

Another song that will make you bubble — like soda. Patrice and Charly gets us “Ready” to mash up the place with this energetic song.

So Good — Machel x Ding Dong Ravers

This song was released before a Trinidad Carnival and it’s just such a mellow and vibesy tune. Machel and Ding Dong did what they had to do here.

Close to Me — Kes x Shenseea

This song was released for Trinidad Carnival and the video had the internet in a frenzy. Shenseea came to Trinidad and they performed this on Kes Tuesday — and got “Close” which can be seen in this amazing image of them performing that made Trinidad newspapers during carnival.

We Ready (Champion Gyal) — Shenseea x Nailah Blackman

This song is another one that was released prior to Trinidad Carnival. Another energetic and appealing Shenseea and Nailah link up for the culture.

Trouble — Destra x Spice

This song is another example of the flawless Trinidadian x Jamaican link up as two living legends in the industry give us “Troubleee”. This song definitely has the potential to shell down a Jamaica Carnival scene.

Night & Day — Patrice Roberts x Shenseea

Another all female link up for the culture, Patrice and Shenseea give us a vibesy soca song that we could listen to every “Night and Dayyy”. This was a collaboration we truly never knew we needed. If Patrice and Shenseea were perform this during Jamaica Carnival, it would be a whole scene.

Juene Femme — Linky First

Jam Down — Linky First

Soaking Wet — Linky First

Linky First a.k.a Mr. Rock and Come In is a Jamaican soca artiste that continues to put out good music. Juene Femme is a soca song put out for St. Lucia Carnival, yet is standing the rest of time — nearly a year since it’s release and it still slaps. He lets us know for Jamaica Carnival this year he just wants to “Jam Down” inside the fete and get “Soakin’ Wet”.

Here are some more songs released just in time for JA Carnival’s Road March :

Flags — Linky First

If I Get A Wine — Konshens

Move (Out The Way) — Razor B

Tiralo Pa La — Charly Black x Play-N-Skilllz x DJ Kass

Good Up Good Up — Munga x Dover Magnum x Problem Child

Channa — Klassik Frescobar

Elevator — Klassik Frescobar

Gasoline — Klassik Frescobar

Best Friend — Klassik Frescobar

Open Close — Escho Ninco x Emekus

Have a song you feel should be added to the list? Leave it in the comments below.

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