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3–1 = The Secret to Solve Your Social Anxiety…

Imagine the following scene…
You’re sitting on a bench in the park. In front of you, there is a house.
On the window of this house, you see 3 rabbits.
All of a sudden, one of the rabbits decides to jump off the windows.

A few minutes later…
You look at the window and you count the number of rabbits.

How many rabbits are still on the window?

If you are like most people you’ve probably said: “2 rabbits”

But, you’re wrong. There are still 3 rabbits.

Well, if it was a math question you were right because 3–1 =2.
But, in life, it isn’t like that.

The rabbit who decided to jump off was so paralyzed by fear
that he never actually jumped.

“What if I broke my leg”
“What if I get lost”
“What if …”

Now you are thinking. It isn’t fair, it was a tricky question.
The most important wasn’t the question, but the life lesson.

Too Afraid to Jump

You see, most of the time we think
about what we want to accomplish or change in our life.
And we spend many years thinking about it.

This is even more true about us: Anxious people.
We spend most of our time in our heads.
We think about our fear, our anxiety, our loneliness.
We even imagine how our life would be if we had friends to spend our free time with if we were able to communicate easily with our colleagues at work.

5 years, 10 years, and 20 years left, and we are still thinking.

I know that so well because I did the same.
I was too scared to change my situation.
I said things like:
“What if it doesn’t work”
“What if I get rejected”
“What if…”

I have waited for more than 25 years,
before doing something to solve my social anxiety.

I was like this rabbit: Too afraid to jump.

I understood that whatever you want to accomplish in your life,
it’s all about taking action because …

Action Drive out Thoughts

Has anyone ever won a race without running?
Or got a job without applying?
Or got fit without exercising?

We all know that, but we are still thinking too much.
We want everything to be perfect for the first time.

It’s never clear how to achieve your goals when you start.
You will find the answer on the journey.

Don’t be this rabbit who wants to jump off but doesn’t.


P.S: To solve my anxiety, my first jump was to join a safe community.
I think that it’s the first action to take if you want to beat your social anxiety.
Maybe you are looking for a community. If it’s the case, you can join my mastermind group where you’ll meet like-minded people who will support one another’s individual online pursuits as well as offline endeavours through offering feedback, constructive criticism, encouragement, resources, and networking opportunities.




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Katy Morin

Katy Morin

I help people who struggle with loneliness and isolation due to social anxiety, feel confident, and experience happiness with other people.

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