A Fulfilling Life

Being empowered and inspired by others is something great. But when you are empowering others because others including your own self empowered and inspired you, you chose to follow the power and sign that something is meant to happen with what you were given and rewarded with.

Because you spoke out to someone for help (knowing at some point that it’s a sign of strength, not weakness), and for all your hard work, you finally get to be rewarded after choosing to follow the path of nature and by the signs you were given. Leading to better and very rewarding things, and even some aren’t things but moments and milestones to achieve and be rewarded with!

Being content

A colourful life is one that is fully embraced, whole heartedly creatively! It’s when you decide to make the changes you want in your life going at your own pace and on your own terms.

It’s not only that but also making great things and possibilities with all that you believe you are possible and capable of achieving and creating in and with your life!


When it comes to being confident starting on the inside, it’s an inside job just like our own happiness. And so it must come from inside to express on the outside of our inner beauty as well as our inner confidence!

It’s our time to being confident enough to change the world forever taking one day, one step, one thing at a time!


It’s not just our words that we speak that can express things, emotions, messages and much else but also our body language too.

It’s those actions not only that we speak but those we act with our body positions and movements. Such as the way our feet are positioned on the floor. If your feet are pointing in a direction towards someone, that means that you wanna go in that direction or that you don’t plan on going the other direction.


The power when someone feels absolutely comfortable in their own skin, is often when they have reached a dangerous level of confidence as well with being confident in achieving anything they want!

It’s the decision to use our power, control we have in our brain that makes things happen! Anything we set our minds to, is possible! Nothing is impossible!


Being confident in our own skin and confident in ourselves to be all that we want with absolutely no shame and with achieving anything and all that we want to achieve, is so truly power than ever!

We must allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable when we decide to make changes in our lives. Though it’s important to know the right kind of discomfort/uncomfortable in order to follow the right path to achieving whatever you want. As for no change happens in a comfort zone.


We all find ourselves to focus our minds to achieving that body figure Victoria Secret models are. But we don’t know that what we should focus our minds is the healthy body without the mind picture of models and their perfect, skinny figures.

Healthy is maintaining a healthy diet with food and exercise, self care, self love, gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and everything else that is part of taking care of our health: physical, emotional and mental health!


It’s our time to empower the rest of society to make the right choices and decisions. If someone wonders how the suicide rate is so high yet don’t think about what part they played in that number, they should realize that.

By being mindful which includes being without judgment, non-judgmental and being fully in the moment, actually listen to others who are part of the mental health community. Follow the 5 steps to end the stigma:

  1. Language Matters
  2. Listen & Ask
  3. Be Kind
  4. Educate Yourself
  5. Talk About It!


It’s time to be content with who and all that we are and what our life is right now and be grateful and appreciate all that you have!

It’s such a great thing to practice gratitude and mindfulness for we don’t often enough find ourselves being mindful 100% and grateful for all that we have each and every day!


You life is a result of your choices. If you don’t like your life, it’s time to make some better choices.

Embrace who and all that you are, flaws and all. Screw what others think, what you think about yourself matters more than anything else.

Do whatever makes you happy, those things you enjoy and those that give you and your life meaning! Be grateful and mindful when able to. Take one moment at a time, one step at a time!


The best way to predict the future is to create it. ~ Peter Drucker

Sometimes we feel as if we need and must let life present us with the perfect opportunities and moments to make the right move. And to do what we want like live our dreams as presented in the dreams themselves, but in all of reality, we must make the opportunities ourselves!

We must work hard in order to find ourselves in those perfect moments that in all reality are more of the perfectly imperfect kind of moment! Dreams don’t work unless you do!


It’s our time to start or continue working on our own creative projects that contribute to ending the stigma around mental illness as well as removing/ending the discrimination around mental illness too!

We must continue to fight against the nasty yet deadly stigma if we want better, healthier, positive and yet successful change in our world badly enough!


When it comes to passion, it takes those who are truly passionate about something whether its something they believe in to the point of standing tall beside it 24/7 no matter what life throws at you and continue going strong regardless of anything it may go against and who may disagree with you.

It’s the power, control, self love, self care, and all else that comes with achieving anything you want. As long as you believe in yourself and what you want to achieve, the sky’s the limit.

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