When times get hard, you only have one choice: taking a risk by getting tougher to win the battle or war. You can’t let them see your weakness, fear.

When I’m inspired with doing things I’m passionate about, I don’t give up nor talke no for an answer. I find a way to make what I want to work out the way I intend it to succeed. Life is hard as it is. It has taught me a lot. I’ve also been though a lot which has taught me a lot of things and in result made me stronger and wiser than I’ve ever known myself to be. No matter how hard life gets, I know to stay strong and don’t give up. I’ve come too far with all that I’ve worked for up to where I am with my life at this point to just give up and quit after all I’ve accomplished with my life. Which I’m so proud of and not willing to give it up just because life gets too hard, and choose to give in. I’m also not wiling to through away all that I have learned in 19, almost 20 years that I have also worked for. Life isn’t easy, but neither are my dreams. When life gets tough, you get tougher.

This is the fight that we’ve been waiting for.” – This is my time to fight for what I believe in so strong that I’ve fight for it and not only that, but make it into something that I’m passionate about to also help change the world aka the future! More like fixing/saving the future and recreating it into something of my own.

Won’t go down without a fight.” – No matter what, I’ll never give up. I won’t go down without a fight. I’ve come too far to walk away now. Why walk away when there’s so much potential, success, inspiration, confidence, power, positive change if I don’t.

What’s the point of doing something inspiring if you don’t try. There are so many great role models out there in the world that are great examples of this. For example, Demi Lovato, Dove Cameron, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Yeah sure, each one has had their own share of negative times in their past life, but this is a new day, a new chapter. Stop dwelling on what people have done wrong with their lives, and start appreciating the good ones and creating new and better ones. Saving lives – how do you do that? You write, tell, share your life story, life experiences, absolutely everything that has ever made you stronger and wiser from valuable lessons and that my friend, is one way to inspire optimism. Why? Because when someone out there is thinking about giving up their life, hopes, dreams, life goals, anything they’ve ever wanted out of their life, they need to hear your story to give them that hope back and let them do the rest. Giving them that hope back no matter how you do it, will not only change their life, but yours too. It will make you feel like you can change the world (that includes society, government, everyone in the world) by just speaking words from your own experiences in your life.

Even when people that are close to you like your family, convince you to not pursue your dreams, or anything that your passionate about that in result makes you happy and who you truly are comfortable and happy to be. You have to stay strong, and plan how your gonna prove them wrong. Give it all you got. They may not see how important your dreams are to you but one way or another, you’ll convince them to think differently, creatively which in result will shape the world into a better world than ever before!

No matter how you write something like a speech or an essay, which you have to present in front of your whole English class, not just your teacher. You are allowed to jazz it up all you want. The more you tweet it even after you’ve handed it in before you present your essay, the stronger, powerful, convincing, successful it becomes. You’d be amazed at how it can improve your life but just as important as that, yourself too!

Don’t give up, keep on taking chances. Put in time till you get it right.” ~ Cloud 9

Optimism is key with getting what you want even when life makes it hard to stay strong and hold tight to that hope!

Going hard, push it to the limit. To the edge, go to the extreme. There’s no doubt that I’m gonna win it. Gonna give it another dream.” ~ Cloud 9

Going big now that I can take it” – once you achieve on bettering yourself by becoming more confident, comfortable, happy, and proud; you will be able to achieve anything you want: your dreams, life purpose, passions, and overall happiness within each goal!

Every person is good at something. Everyone has something they are passionate about. But not everything they do even in their own jobs may always be as perfect as you think it to be. You just have to be nice, kind and don’t be hard on them for that. We all can’t be good at absolutely everything in life.

“Math, science, reading – we stink at them. But what do we excel in; creative arts” – Girl Meets World