Girl Meets Creativity

“Don’t believe, don’t get hurt.” ~ Maya

Farkle: People lost interest in art and music because it was taken away from them.

Lucas: Well I don’t want that for Maya. I want Maya to be happy.

Maya: Thank you Lucas but it’s just an art class.

Lucas: I feel bad. Taking away sketching your very good at. Your a great artist Maya. You have a real talent and I want you to be able to get better & share it with people. I don’t want them to take away your art class, Maya.

“If you think logically, your gonna lose the creative arts.” ~ Topanga

Riley: yeah, your probably right. Be safe. Your right, I’m wrong. Be safe. Let’s just go to a movie, read a book or maybe listen to music.

Maya: You mean lets just go to art, read some art, or listen some art. Because movies, books and music are art. I do go outside, Riley. I watch the light move during the day. You know what happens at 5:30? You turn gold. Everything is more beautiful at the beginning and the end of the day. I want people to see that. I want to capture that. I didn’t mean to believe in something.

Maya: I don’t want to live in a world with stupid purple cats.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Einstein

Maya: We’re trying to save the creative arts, why can’t we start thinking creatively.

Farkle: We couldn’t reach you with logic, so we decided to think differently.

Maya: You want numbers? The United States ranking in math, science and reading has done nothing but drop off the past 50 years.

Chairman Sanchez: Your proposal?

Maya: Get rid of them.

Chairman Sanchez: Cut math, science and reading?

Maya: Why not? We stink at them. But you know what we’re number one at: movies and music! People all over the world are inspired by our creativity. But hey I don’t want to get rid of anything. You started it.

Chairman Sanchez: My hands are tied

Maya: That’s so funny. Everyone keeps saying that but they’re not. Look at them, your hands are free. You just think they’re tied.

Farkle: Creativity feeds science and science feeds creativity. That’s what your missing. Because your not thinking creatively.

Maya: When does it happen?

Chairman Sanchez: When does what happen?

Maya: When do you stop being able to think creatively?

Riley: When do you get your hands tied?

Lucas: We don’t want that to happen to us.

Zay: You went to a great school, I’m sure all of you did.

Maya: Your very smart. You know this is the wrong way to think.

Chairman Sanchez: And when I was as young as you are, I made a promise to myself that if I ever go to war, I would never forget Qwenica and the horse that knew better.