It’s Important To Have Meaning

Live the life you want!

When it comes to life and reality, we must take risks and chances to get what we want in our lives! Cuz if we don’t, nothing changes. Because everything or most things involves taking some risks.

So we have to figure out what things are worth the risks they come with. Are try worth it? Do they harm anything that’s of value to us, anything we believe in, love or prioritize as a high priority: like our mental health?

There’s a promise for the ones who just hold on!

The purpose of our individual lives is to be who we want to be as humans and citizens of society and do what makes us happy and gives us real purpose.

We all want to shine. We have our fair share of dreams in which we want to pursue, but we can’t let anything or anyone get in the way of making our dreams our own reality. That world of ours, it’s ours no matter what happens. Because we won’t let that happen!

Because of how much we believe in those dreams and how badly we want to live them. We won’t let anything get in the way nor discourage or change our direction. If things do change, we won’t let it change the way we feel about our own dreams.

And you know it doesn’t matter. Because with or without this potentios monolog, “You can if you want to” even if you don’t, you can do anything, I can do anything! – Anything #hedley

So live it like you never live it twice!

We live our lives like we normally do.. Doing the normal things but not every one of us goes the “extra mile”. For example, Craig Kieburger at age 12, saw a devastating article in the newspaper and instantly wanted to do something about it.

Then after hard work with his plan with doing something about what he had learned from the article, he and his brother created “Free The Children” – here’s a few videos about what Free The Children has and is currently doing now as an organization.

I’m absolutely a huge fan of Free The Children and ever so happy to be part of this amazing and unbelievable organization that has created and changed so much since day one. So proud and grateful to have Craig & Mark Kielburger who created such an amazing movement!

“Imagine that you woke up everyday believing that you could make a difference in the world. Now imagine, it wasn’t just you. Imagine it was everyone.”

The government is known as having a lot of power in the world. The power to control/be in charge of what we are limited to in life.

One thing I know they gave us is: freedom of speech. Now all of a sudden they chose to limit us of what we can and can’t say. When you think of what’s truly right and proper in life for power, we should be the only ones who have that kind of power of what we can do in life.

What we say and do, to what we want to do with our bodies, our life and such. They have the right to have a say but doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow their thoughts on something. It’s our life, our body, our mouth, we have the power and choice of what we do with them.

The government does but isn’t the proper choice to follow/obey. They can’t make us obey anything we don’t want to.

Yeah sure something’s is expected and truthfully a proper thing to follow, but anything else, should be in our control. And they can never have an effect of what we choose in life.

Listen to your gut when it’s being authentic and those who know the truth and don’t sugar coat the truth.

We all are damaged and we all have to be accepting of the fact that we all come with baggage and our pasts in which many of us may still feel shameful for.

But with time, they will change, but still remain with our baggage!

To all those times where I felt so worthless, unwanted, lonely and so unlovable; I was wrong. Yeah it’s true and accurate to believe that it’s true. But the part of it being the right as healthy, wrong.

Because we shouldn’t feel worthless, unwanted, unlovable given by how others speak, and treat us.

Over the past few years of my life but overall many + years, I’ve done, I’ve have learned many numerous things and other times I win on my own terms and must for me. As for the stigma & discrimination around such an important thing as health overall.

All the things that I’ve learned, gained, received and everything else, I’m ever so grateful for it all and I intend to use all that helpful knowledge for a greater cause that I strongly believe in so much, I’d fight for it for sure without a doubt.

Everyone has potential in life. Something may not be discovered yet and others may already be found. Embrace what you have. Your talent.

What you have potential about your personality or anything you have confidence, pride, courage, positivity, power and anything that may be part of that. Something so beautiful. And that can never be ignored nor judged. People judge buy that doesn’t mean they should. And never is the proper thing to do in life. That they have a right to judge in any and all perspectives.

Think before you speak. The proper words can do more than you can ever imagine. As long as they’re spoken right! Live wisely (time, choices, everything else in life).

Words of encouragement/inspiration: never give up! Never lose faith, hope in yourself. Never limit yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe that NOTHING is impossible. Always think I can instead of doubting anything that you want in life. Anything you want to achieve; your dreams. Anything.

Don’t focus on the judgements being made nor any negative comments made by any haters in the world. Focus on what you want and set your mind to it. Anything you want is always and always will be achievable without ever being limited… Focus on the good in life and in people (including yourself).

Nothing is impossible both good and bad. So regardless of the possibilities for the bad things, take some risks and chances!

How will you know something or learn anything if you don’t challenge yourself or take some risks and chances?

And you know it doesn’t matter. Because with or without this potentious monologue you can if you want to. Even if you don’t, you can do anything! I can do anything! – Hedley
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