It’s Up To Us

So what if it’s not up to us, we’ll we’re gonna use our voice to not only inspire change, but create it too. Let’s go create everlasting change, change makers: it’s up to us now! Confident! 😉😍❤️ power

Different – the front line is where we fight!


It’s Up To Us Now – this is our time, our chance, our reality! Let’s prove to the world who was wrong… you know who

There are so many labels, expectations and standards that society and the governments want us to follow but not all of them are more realistic enough, logical, fair, healthy nor right in any way when opened up enough to think differently, creatively. We need to change this because the world has become something that isn’t right nor the way the world should be. The world and society thinks and believes that it is a good and right thing to be but logically and creatively, it’s not. It’s not right nor healthy on a new perspective.

We shouldn’t have society and and the government tell us who to be, what we can and cannot say and do and anything and everything else in the world that is possible for anyone to achieve and overall become. We can be whoever we want to be. We all have that right no matter who you are, what you believe in, what religion, race or anything that you are. Nothing should ever go against being the person that you would be happy, confident, proud to be. No one should ever have that right or power to tell us who to be. We have that power and choice.