Looking Up For Better Change

“Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.” ~ Arthur Christopher Benson

Whatever or whoever you want, never give up on them, no matter what life puts you through, it’ll all be worth it all in the long run!

Trust me, I have worked hard enough and I’m gonna continue working hard and looking forward to what’s coming next with regards to some rewarding surprises for my hard work and much more!

Because I know I deserve that and so much more!

You cannot use someone else’s fire; you can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe you have it.~ Audre Lorde

If you want to achieve your dreams, to achieve anything you want and to be the change you want to see in yourself and in the world, you must be the example.

You must take the right risks in order for it to succeed and progress!

Watching a kid die and not helping is wrong. ~ Alex Karev

It’s time to let go and forget our fear and let in courage, strength to achieve and earn what we want.

After all, everything we want is on the other side of fear!

I’m sure many or all of us have found moments in our lives where we find ourselves telling others to be strong yet we can’t be strong ourselves!

But regardless of that fact, we can survive and come out stronger when we allow ourselves to experience life as it is and to learn as times passes!

The scary thing isn’t dying, the scary thing is surviving and accepting that you actually have a life to live. Don’t you wanna stick around and live it? ~ Meredith Grey

To those who want anything in their life, they must allow themselves to step out of their comfort zone to take risks in order to welcome change into your life!

Nothing will change if you don’t challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone. Because no change happens in a comfort zone. Like laying on your comfy coach, in comfy lounges clothes watching movies on Netflix!

We saved his life. Liam is alive. He can see. His tumour is out and he’s alive. That’s the job, right? ~ Stephanie

She’s right, screw not having his parents consent for surgery and further medical work, he is still alive, that’s all that matters. It’s not always good to follow life by the books. It’s better the rest of the time go the safe way rather than the smart way, like Ben Warner stated himself in “Leave It Inside” episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

All the things you want are on the other side of fear.

So ask yourself how badly you want those things, and if you want it badly enough, you’ll face your fears so you can find ourself achieving all the things you want and and successfully succeed in the things or moments (milestones) you want to!

It’s not easy to have enough courage to be who we are with society’s expectations, standards and anything else that says otherwise not to.

But it should be recognized as a great achievement and accomplishment with enough praise or grace with that! For those who have done so and are living their life on their own terms and being their own person; congrats!

Destiny is not about waiting for what we want to achieve or to experience but working on progressing towards it like how dreams don’t work unless you do.

If you want something or someone, you must contribute enough work, effort, time, commitment in order to receive and earn your rewards!

Plus don’t we create our own destinies?

We all worry about the past and stress about the future, but don’t realize that we can’t change the past, only learn from it.

And that we can only be in the present moment and focus on doing better at the very moment and then we won’t give power to the damages of stressing, worrying, fearing and overthinking about life overall itself!

We need to appreciate all that we have, be grateful everyday for all that we have and what we have accomplished, achieved and gained.

And look forward to what’s coming next!