Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence Inspires Healthy Self Worth


Stop obsessing over what you dislike about yourself. You cannot change those things, but what we can change is how we look and treat ourselves.

In order to be kind to others, we must be kind to ourselves! So why treat yourself with so much hate, shame? You don’t deserve that kind of treatment for yourself. You deserve to care for your body like no one ever has.

Before you can love someone else, you must love yourself first. Also remember that the brain is so important to the human body. And without it, no human being would exist, period.

So why should we continue treating ourselves and bodies like we’ve been for so many centuries?

If you find yourself loving your pets and possibly anyone you are close with unconditionally, you should try one step, one day, at a time with gaining more self love and self esteem within yourself.

It may be true that you must love yourself before loving someone else. It can be hard to understand how we are still able to somehow love our family: aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins but not ourselves. But it happens. We might not find out the real logic behind that until it happens. But we can’t rush or force that logic in any way.

You want change, you inspire it.

Every time we yell at others and yet we only end up yelling back for both sides. And in result, don’t get the change we want in return. Why is that? Well regardless of using our emotional intelligence, you don’t demand, or force any kind of change in the world.

Believe me, I’ve tried that numerous times in the 20 years. I wanted to start taking risks with the right logic and emotional intelligence with my mental health by forcing it. I didn’t get that change I wanted. So then I started slowly, gradually inspiring it by not thinking too much about it and one day I suddenly gained the change I wanted.

Because that’s how the world works when it comes to change. And that’s the reality of it all with wanting changing and using the right method to get it. As well as caring ourselves and our emotional & mental health.

30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge

Use all new pictures
  • Picture of yourself and description of you and why you are doing this.
  • You and something you live for. (it can be a person, job, passion, purpose, best friend, role models, etc)
  • You and something you love doing.
  • You and a quote about you and your life.
  • What you love about yourself.
  • Picture of your face.
  • Whole body picture.
  • Picture of your eyes.
  • Picture of your favourite way of wearing your hair.
  • Picture of you smiling.
  • Picture of you sad and why you shouldn’t waste time that way.
  • Picture of you laughing.
  • No makeup picture.
  • Fun/funny makeup picture.
  • Picture of how you usually go out.
  • How you view yourself.
  • What you want to be/who you are.
  • Just getting up picture…be honest.
  • Choice picture-with description of why you chose it.
  • You and a piece of paper with one word describing your personality.
  • Hold a piece of paper with one word describing your religion.
  • Choice picture with description of why you chose it.
  • Picture of you in your pyjamas.
  • Picture of something/someone you love/something you love to do with you in it.
  • Picture of you.
Be creative with your pictures on your Instagram account!

Mental health is so important to speak openly not in the virtual world which can most of the time be more easily able to do being vulnerable and not so much worrying about what others will think.

But we also have to speak openly in the real world too. Social media overall the virtual world is a great resource to use with organizations and charities that raise money for important and worthy causes like: Free The Children/We, Sick Not Weak, I’m Not Ashamed/Team Not Ashamed & Bell Let’s Talk to list a few.

Our mental health is too important and valuable to put at risk just to meet society’s expectations, standards as well as our family and friends expectations. But regardless of how possibly their logic may seem logical and smart, we have to stick with our gut. Follow our heart, listen to it, really listen. And stay true to ourselves.

If we wanna work harder and be more openly about the person we wanna be, the things we wanna pursue career wise or anything we believe in and are passionate about, we must try and stick to that no matter what.

12 Daily Reminders

  • The past cannot be changed
  • Opinions don’t define your reality
  • Everyone’s journey is different
  • Things always get better with time
  • Judgements are a confession of character
  • Overthinking will lead to sadness
  • Happiness is found within
  • Positive thoughts create positive things
  • Smiles are contagious
  • Kindness is free
  • You only fail if you quit
  • What goes around, comes around

We’ve always had the control within ourselves to change the world that first starts with ourself.

I know how much many of us wanna work on our own creative and optimistic projects to help save the future/world but we must start with ourself.

Instagram is definitely a great online platform as well as Tumblr and even Twitter (even though we only get 140 characters to use in tweets) for using in the right, healthy, positive and logical ways that help improve and impact our own as well as other’s mental health.

We don’t want to put anyone’s mental health at risk but we can control how we do it. Be creative, have fun!

  • The sky’s the limit!
  • Never say never!
  • Nothing is impossible!
  • Believe in yourself and your halfway there!
  • Achieve the impossible: because nothing is impossible, we just have to retrain our brains including the rest of society to inspire greater change in the world!

Instagram can affect our mental health negatively but we have always had the power to control how anything in the virtual world like Instagram impacts our mental health.

I’ve been thinking of my original plan of posting a picture (quote, etc) on Instagram once per week. But I think I should post whenever I feel like posting something inspirational: particularly around mental health now that my parents are more accepting and unashamed of my mental condition.

I like posting things like that: the one I posted for #BellLetsTalk Day because it not only makes others happier and helps impact their lives in great, healthy and positive ways but also has an impact and effect on me.

It makes me feel good because I went through so much and I want to take what I learned from my experiences and education and use it to help and inspire others with hope, inspiration and encouraging things that can change our world in ways we never imagined till we gave it a try! You never know until you try!

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