Real True Inspiration From A Real Role Model

Inspiration is all around us, but it takes those who choose to set examples to the world to create better change. How is this possible and logical to succeed? Well that all depends on how much we want the results… If want it badly enough and know its worth every risk and chance, then get started.

I believe that we need more role models and inspirational leaders out in our world. Because we need more of those who we can look up to not just those who are famous but who we surround ourselves with on a daily, weekly, monthly yearly basis.

When it comes to inspiration in our reality with our current generation, it can be hard with all society’s expectations, standards and such that keep us away too easily from the person that we would be confident being.

It’s too too true to believe that we all have given into that power of society, which not far into that process where we begin to lose ourselves. When we lose our sight of our real self, our beliefs, values, personality, friends, family, passion, purpose, hobbies and so much more. It’s sad or hard to imagine how powerful this kind of thing can impact our world for all of society.

How come we let it get this far? How did we let our own society (include yourself, your part of society too, even if you didn’t cause or take part in any of our issues, causes, epidemics in our world) become so bad leading to creating so many issues and shame in our world.

But with all our individual knowledge, experience, education; we can without a doubt do all we can to figure out the main cause or trigger of each one and find all the possible solutions and choosing the right one for each cause to help break down barriers, stigmas, shame, chaos, hate and more. Imagine what our world would look like then?

Let’s use that as our motivation and why we choose to hold on regardless of what life throws at us making us feel hopeless or even helpless at times.

Regardless of how hopeless and helpless we may feel from reality, we have to stay strong and stick to our reason for holding on, for working hard without giving up on something; everything that needs to be fixed.

And that reason being how badly we want that end result of doing so, that feeling, the look, the outcomes overall of this kind of impact we can have on our world.

Now, most times, it all starts with one person and then becomes a chain reaction. Other times, it begins by working/improving/recreating ourselves after self destruction from any illness (physical, emotional or mental illness).