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The comment by: Abhijeet Shewale

What is the true answer to why people (especially), surroundings, common connections, places remain the same and life circumstances may not give me the luxury to change this?

The stigma surrounding mental illness. Particularly the stubborn ones refuse to open up to the possibility of how important mental health is to millions who have been impacted by it (those who suffer with a mental illness and those who know or have a loved one who suffers with one) and on top of that, doing enough research both online and by going to events to help educate themselves on the subject itself entirely.

It’s so crucial for everyone to not only educate themselves on mental health but also take part in their own too. To see how they’ve handled and coped with their mental state. When in emotional, stressful times, how they handled them. We’re they healthy and positive coping methods or just a way to solve it in the way they think they believe is the right way to cope or react to the situations.

Once they educate themselves on how to cope with these situations in healthy, positive ways, they will start to understand the importance of mental health and how not only our physical health with diet and exercise is not the only thing that’s important to check up on in a doctor’s appointment like any human does. We all go to the docotrs for checkups and at times when one becomes physically sick with a cold, flu, or anything easily known.

But how many people when symptoms and signs become visible to one to take the initiative to meet with their doctor about their concerns for their own or a loved one’s mental health? Really take some time to think long and hard at how many people that you may know that does this for those particularly that have a mental illness of any kind.

Questions to ask yourself

For those who are reading this that are living with a mental illness(es), what are your thoughts on what you’ve experienced through your mental health issues? What have you gained from it? When in recovery, what did it teach you about your mental health? What did you learn from your recovery that taught you to take better care of your mental health in every area? How has it impacted your life positively? How has your mental illness and recovery, helped you feel better in your life in mental ways that made you feel like you felt better than before your illness and even during your illness (episodes, panic, anxiety attacks, etc)? How do you look at yourself now at this point in your recovery stage? Today, right now. How do you feel? How do you really and honestly feel? And be honest.


There are so many people out in the world who are still suffering and those who are coping with their illnesses in healthier and positive ways. And still millions of people in the world still don’t give them the treatment, respect, support, acceptance that they all and truly deserve. We all deserve love, belonging, acceptance, kindness, respect and everything anyone and everyone really deserves no matter who they are. Justin Bieber really got it right on this comment.

No matter what religion. No matter what race. No matter what you are. You can always believe. It’s all about positivity. It’s about believing in something great. Believing in higher power. Believing in yourself. Believing that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. – Justin Bieber

They don’t realise how much they are the reason behind why so many still aren’t reaching out, seeking the help they need to get better, recover and achieve all that they want out of their life. Nobody deserves anything less. Which is why it’s gonna take some time to get them on our side. To be on the same page as everyone else. That truly understands, respects, accepts and supports mental health, mental illness and those who are affected by this tragic yet harsh stigma around mental illness alone. These kinds of people don’t realise that they are killing people the way they treat people. Words don’t just hurt humans, they kill. Which makes the stigma known as “deadly” and “life-threatening” which.

But from my own experiences with my mental health and how it’s impacted my life overall are listed below:

  • It has taught me (through both experiencing a mental illness {depression & anxiety} and recovery) ways to cope with high pressured, anxious, and emotional times in better and healthier ways
  • Positive & healthy coping methods
  1. What if thoughts
  2. Being hard on myself actions and thoughts caused from high pressured scenarios
  3. Doing things putting my mental health at risk, more and more each day – learned to take a break, walk away, do whatever I feel works to ease all my racing thoughts (listen to music to calm my thoughts and myself) and think things through logically and putting my mental health into consideration and as an important and key priority for all decisions. Before coming back to the situation to handle/resolve in a healthy and positive way without doing something I’ll regret or only make the situation and my mental health worse (not improving mental health, but putting it on the line).
  4. Taking time to be alone by myself to analyse things I feel I need to take time to figure out for myself on my own. Being easy on myself and not forcing myself to do something to fast with no demand or pressure with doing something: knowing and believing, that would be bad for my mental health – I know what’s good and what’s bad for my mental health. I know more right from wrong for my mental health (but overall mental health importance…) than my own parents and younger sister do. Taking time for myself, and overall thinking about myself is not a selfish thing to do. We all need to take care of ourselves enough so that we are fully able to put ourselves in the “ready for a serious relationship with either a friend or future/potential boyfriend” – going out on a date. In order to be ready to put ourselves out there, we have to be able to fully take care of ourselves first on our own (not just physically with diet and exercise) but mentally too. We have to accomplish self love within oneself (ourself) first (loving ourself and accepting ourselves just as we are, only changing any part of ourselves for ourselves not to impress or to meet haters or society’s expectations or standards of who we should be, what we should wear on our bodies, what we should and shouldn’t say; the list goes on and on); before knowing and believing that we are ready ourselves to be emotionally and mentally ready for a serious relationship with a commitment and all that comes with this kind of life step/milestone.
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