Unashamed Beginning

A quote from The Arrangement comes to mind: “You cannot have a clear picture of your future if you are held hostage by your past. No one’s holding you hostage except you.” And I completely agree on that quote. In which my parents can’t seem to learn.

But I’m gonna stop for a while of trying to help them understand and educate themselves on everything they’ve refused to. And focus my energy, time and everything else on me, moving forward with my life! And I know I have all your support here in the Happier community, which I’m so truly grateful to have!

Looks like I forgot to not let my future blog posts for my WordPress blog to post my posts on Facebook. And my mom saw this post (attached link below). Read it and let me know what you think. Though what my mom got mad and hurt about was me stating about my parents giving me enough reasons to not love my life and myself.

For how bad they treated me (and my sister included). Me and Emily truly deserved to be treated so much better by our parents. They treat us so harshly. And not the parenting kind of love. It’s rather parenting us to follow their lifestyle and don’t do this when enough of those things they tell us not to follow end up making us happy.

But they tell us or rather to say demand us (change) to follow the opposite which makes it so difficult to survive and to do the right thing in these moments. And Emily told me in private or when we were alone that she can’t wait to move into her dorm with 5 other college students in the fall.

But also for the fact I’m still stuck here until I have official plans to move out and not like the way it would’ve been if I had actually walked out the door when my parents threatened to kicked me out after my family birthday celebration ended in October. (October 23rd, 2016).

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