Social media is ripe for disruption

Uber, Tesla Motors, Olacabs, & Airbnb scale disruption.

“Social commerce is next to blow up,” forecast Mark Zuckerberg in 2001. See also Thomas Lee’s article in “Is social commerce dead? Ask Facebook and Twitter”.
“Although more than a billion people use Facebook and Twitter each month, neither Silicon Valley giant has made much of splash in retail.” Thomas Lee.
“Social commerce is next to blow up.” Mark Zuckerberg, 2001.
“Commerce is worth way more than content… If you can monetize that commerce, we’re talking about some explosive growth.” Marc Weiser, founder and managing partner RPM Ventures.

This is Uber, Tesla Motors, Olacabs & AirBnB scale disruption.

Are You A ‘Crazy One’?

Are you a ‘Crazy One’?
A misfit? A rebel? A trouble maker? A round peg in a square hole?
See things differently? Not fond of rules? No respect for the staus quo?
Apple “Think Different” (Steve Jobs narrated)
The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world. Do.

Enlist here, crazy one.

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