Cost Of A Balanced Life And Afterlife

I’m seeing people in the west like DHH talking more and more about a balanced life, taking on the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Their sleep deprivation antics are damaging people and setting the wrong values along the way.

When I started out professionally, I wanted to be the best, no matter what the cost. But not anymore. I still want to be the best as I can, but not at the cost of a balanced life. Let me explain why. The religion I follow, has these few concepts which helped me make the transition:

  • GOD is the provider to every creature.
  • Humans only have the authority over their efforts and intentions. GOD alone has the authority over the results.
  • This world is a test for all mankind. The hereafter is the result. Our hereafter depends on the things we do here in this world.
  • Being kind and courteous to GOD’s creature is a form of worship. Especially being good to your household. The quality time you spend with your family is equal to worship in this religion.

These concepts and ideas doesn’t make it less important for me to pursue the success and happiness in this world. But it doesn’t mean that I should only focus on this world. It’d be a stupid thing to do nonetheless.

If I truly believe that this world is just a test, and the real thing is the hereafter, then I’d be stupid to serve all my energy and focus on the success of this world.

Likewise, if I spend an adequate amount of time with my family, be nice and helpful to the people, then I can’t put in the extra time and work required to be considered a “workaholic”. But who cares? As long as I’m getting to spend quality time with my family. After all, the first reason for everyone to pursue a career and profession is the provisions and security of their family.

Success is an addiction, the more you get it, the more you crave for further success. Success shouldn’t be just pursued for more success, but for ultimately living a happy life (which is not possible without spending enough time with your loved ones). And most importantly, to be successful in the hereafter and not having to have an eternal regret for not doing enough for that.