The All-Seeing

Who could have imagined back in the day that we’d be able to record our whole life digitally. Many of the things we do on the Internet are recorded somewhere. Our actions on Social Media can be easily accessed and traced. Our phone camera rolls are backed up in the cloud. Videos on the YouTube.

The thought I want to share here is if we, humans are able to make it possible to record almost every thing we do in our lives, then what about the ability of GOD who created us and the whole universe? Can we dare to try to scale such a thing with our imperfect intellects?

It boils down to the conclusion that on the day of judgement, we’ll be held accountable for every little thing we do here in this life. No matter how little the goodness, GOD will reward us for it. And the same goes for the bad deeds.

No doubt, He is the highest authority, and nothing is out of His power.