Why I Enjoy Losing In Quizzes To My Younger Sister

My younger sister has just beaten the sh** out of me in a quiz app. I’m a Senior Software Engineer at one of the best software houses in Pakistan. And my 6 years younger sister has just started her first year in University studying Criminology.

Out of around the 10 quizzes we played on QuizUp(different topics from General Knowledge to Logos), I have just 2–3 wins to show and she’s constantly taking the mickey out of me. But it feels great to engage with your siblings in such a way, especially the much younger ones like she is.

Apart from this little dilemma of mine, of not being able to clinch more wins. I think these sort of mini activities play a great role in overall household wellness. We need to make sure that in this time of disconnected people and connected devices, we have something which keeps us engaged and makes us feel connected with each other, particularly with the most important people in our lives.

One thing I have seen time and again is that we’ve developed a culture of not liking to interfere in others’ lives, to some extent which is right. But, balance is the key to all the good things. Similarly, this should be balanced as well. Going too far may disassemble families.

My takeaway advice is to get involved with your loved ones, as much as you can. Make an effort to know what’s going on with them, what are they up to, know their short term and long term goals. This helps improve the comfort level between different relations, which eventually leads to better and reliable relations. This way, your siblings will know that if they run into a problem, they have someone to run at, lean on and someone who would listen to them. Your relations, particularly siblings in this case, tend to listen to you more if you have such kind of a bond with them.

So great to see our younger ones sharper and smarter than us. I wish them all the success and wellness.