Government is not democratic. Internet is.

Internet offers a better democracy than what is offered by governments. Sri Lanka in last couple of weeks has witnessed a massive flood, in which the government was useless in many ways. They also tried to bring in very luxury vehicles to its parliament members right after the floods. The displaced people are still at camps. It is not good governance. All agreed, except government.

Yet I am beginning to see a ray of light. A light that is shone by us, the people. Anyone can have an opinion, and can talk about it in the office or at home, yet it does not reach the decision makers. Internet, now mostly enabled by social media helped Sri Lankans to help each other in the floods. Realtime updates helps a lot. It makes lot of noise too, yet noise is better than silent resignation and the feeling of ‘we are not able to.’

People went on social media and ranted about the hypocrisy of the government decision to buy luxury vehicles. There were few MPs refusing to take the offer. Good on them. All these banters and noise piled upon noise were depressing at one point. But it got heard. The decision was deferred. I don’t think with out Internet this would have the slightest of chance. Also on a positive note, Government listened to the outcry. It makes them look good. So, win-win.

So Internet is democratic. Not 100%. But serves the purpose to make a world that sucks less.